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Sync is your free software and workplace solution. Plan your projects, organize your data and communicate with others. Try it out now! (You will also need Sync to download Connect)

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Frontimage Sync

Your organisation hub

Sync is your free workplace solution. You can use it to organize all of your projects in one place, communicate with your team and plan your work.

  • Lean and powerful Project Management
  • Efficient Asset Management
  • Share your Projects and Assets with friends and team members
  • Version distribution for our software
  • more


Frontimage Connect

Your 3D powertool

Connect enables you to get your 3D project done. We bring expert knowledge and domain experts together in a lean approach to simplified solutions.

  • We´ve made creating 3D as fun as playing games
  • Complex logic for your scenes without a single line of code
  • Lean and future proof projects. Data continuety is key
  • Infinite use-cases: visualization, simulation, training, architecture, ...
  • more

FlatcapIT Software-Flow

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We integrate the world´s best Unreal Engine 4 you!

Looking for Freelancer, Consulting or Projectwork?


Simple to use.

Everyone can use Sync and Connect. No programming skills necessary, no time consuming and difficult interfaces. Simplicity and Usability are our main goals.
You know what you want. We do it for you.

Experts when you need them.

Unreal Engine 4 experts around the world are ready to help you with your expert tasks. Everyone can expand our software with Unreal Engine 4 and bring in own assets or program custom logic for your needs!

Download Mod Editor!


We offer you a very strong expert community for your questions and your learning experience. We have experts of all relevant fields regarding Unreal Engine 4.
Using Discord? Join now!

Solve any problem

The combination is key. Domain users with simple enough software, expert access for difficult problems and a strong and growing community . This combination makes it possible to solve the most difficult problems.

We can offer you our industrial expertise in the area of Unreal Engine 4. Our portfolio includes years of work with visualisation and simulation projects as well as a deep understanding of the integration of Unreal Engine 4 solutions into your environment.


We can support you directly or help you to find a suitable Freelancer for your needs carefully selected from our community portfolio. From Unreal Engine 4 support in general to User Interface Design, 3D Modelling, etc.

We however, FlatcapIT, only support projects regarding our software solutions or use-cases where you want to integrate a solution with our software!

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